Learning Possibilities announces its new LP+365 platform on the Microsoft Office 365 and Azure cloud

Learning Possibilities understand schools and build solutions for teaching and learning as well as engagement with parents and other stakeholders. We work at school, district and national levels. Our uniqueness is the blend of both our deep understanding of technology adoption and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary education outcomes.

Learning Possibilities, the UK’s leading cloud based learning platform provider, today announces LP+365, its new learning platform on the Microsoft Office 365 and Azure cloud

The new platform developed in partnership with Microsoft, delivers the best of the LP+ platform on the Office 365 environment, using the resources of the Microsoft Cloud.

LP+365 will feature inbuilt provisioning tools, dashboards, notifications and subject sites with assignment and collaboration tools. It will also have inbuilt technical support and professional development built on the company’s award winning ADOPT framework.

Microsoft Office 365 is the largest cloud productivity service in education. Microsoft has partnered with Learning Possibilities, to bring market leading technology, and key educational expertise to Office 365. This will help schools make the best use of Microsoft’s cloud services and drive the outcomes they need to achieve.

About Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities, the UK based company founded in 2007 is the largest learning platform (LMS) provider in the UK. The company has enterprise and Office 365 based LMS’ for schools globally. Learning Possibilities is also the publisher of the LP+ADOPT e-maturity framework selected by the UK government as the national standard.

The company‘s recently launched new platform - LP+365 on the Microsoft cloud has been developed in partnership with Microsoft, and forms the basis of a global alliance with Microsoft, signed in December, 2015.

In 2012 the company was selected as the provider of the all Wales national learning platform until 2018, and in 2014 the company was a finalist in the Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Public Sector Education.

LP+365 Support

Our inbuilt support and professional development area has online FAQs, guides and videos to assist teachers as well as App administrators at any time. Help topics and guides include support on provisioning users to lesson plans, and ‘Teacher ideas’ on how to use the App in the best possible way to enhance and deepen their students’ learning.

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