The 3D Classroom

The 3D Classroom is a high quality, interactive 3D product that includes all students in the learning process by helping them understand complex and abstract STEM subjects, suitable for use from Kindergarten to higher education. We offer video rights so that schools or school districts can create their own teaching tools for flipped classrooms or professional development. The 3D Classroom is developed together with our customers, which includes teachers, professors and subject matter experts, to ensure the high quality and usability for schools all over the world

About the 3D Classroom

How to Navigate the 3D Classroom


A unique experience brings successful learning

The 3D Classroom is the tool for interactive teaching that brings students on a virtual journey. The user (educator) is free to control the content. Zooming in, turning, exploring micro or macro views, changing the speed are just a few examples of what the educator can do. Thanks to this control, it is easy to tailor the content, and therefore the information in different situations. The 3D Classroom is equally at home in primary schools as well as universities. You are in control. Please watch the video below to see a small part of our content.

Our virtual world enables the student to explore the human body, from macro to micro level, from the outside in. The 3D classroom helps teachers explain concepts visually, which makes it easier for pupils or patients to grasp difficult contexts and mechanisms.

The mathematics module help students to understand some of the abstract connections that we find in mathematics. A good understanding of mathematics is essential to develop one’s skills and is the foundation for developing abilities in science, technology and economics. Our tools help teachers visualise concepts, thereby significantly improving students’ understanding.

Case study Tanglin Trust School in Singapore